There exists in every person a place that is free from any lack or limitation, worry or past judgements and conditioning .. This is a place called the Zero state. When we step into this place no matter how brief the visits it brings about profound transformation & healing in every area of our life. 


Ho'oponopono, a Powerful problem solving technique shows us a simple yet profound way to get to Zero by working on 3 aspects of the mind – Conscious, Subconscious & Superconscious part of ourselves

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    Dr. Karishma presenting at the International Health Conference in Mumbai

With Fitness Guru, Mickey Mehta

 Law of Attraction

With Dr. Eric Pearl

With Red Chillies CEO, Dr. Venky Mysore             


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With Russian Scientist, Dr. Kullikova Ala

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With Mabel Katz

Law of Attraction is a Law of the Universe, as powerful as any other Law of Life. In simple words, whatever you Think and Feel becomes a Reality. We don't just Participate in what we experience but rather we are fully Responsible for what shows up in our life and we do so with the Thoughts we Think and the Vibrations we emit

The Law of Attraction Workshop is a combination of Scientific, Metaphysical and Spiritual elements to apply this Powerful law to Consciously Create more of what you Want in life

With Social Media expert, Mark Schaefer from United States

Everything that shows up in our life is a GIFT, every Gift is important, the sooner you embrace the Gift, the quicker your life will begin to Change .So most important question to Ask yourself is what are you thinking right now? Are you coming from Joy and hope for a better tomorrow or Are you coming from Fear and anticipating a failure?

The effects of the Past will be nullified with the Power of the Present because your response to what is happening in this moment Changes your Point of Attraction and therefore your Point of Reality

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Returning to Joy is the best Gift you could give

Yourself  and Your  Family

                                                   - Dr. Karishma Ahuja