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About Us

To positively impact as many people as possible and build a diverse global community of individuals who are conscious Creators of their life and engage in networks and processes to resolve the problems faced by humankind by taking 100 % Responsibility for them.

The Mind is the king, what you seek you bring. All that We wish to Do, Be and Have can be Ours If we Believe, ''We Can'''

Our Mission

Karishma Ahuja, Founder MasterMind Training is an Author, Speaker,Mind Power Coach,Certified Metaphysics, Law of Attraction and Ho'oponopono Teacher. Her book -''The Healing Power of Words'', available on amazon worldwide.

Karishma has Coached thousands of people over the last 7 years on Universal Laws and the concept of 100 % Responsibility for everything happening in one's life to resolve problems using our mind and energy to break free from the past and live in the present .

She conducts courses, talks and seminars for Children, Parents, Corporates, Businesses and Individuals to understand Meta-secrets to healthy and happy living and to work on Letting go of the Past which does not serve our highest Good.

Karishma is available for keynotes, talks, and seminars for Corporates, individuals and children

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