To positively impact as many people as possible and build a diverse global community of individuals who are conscious Creators of their life and engage in networks and processes to resolve the problems faced by humankind by taking 100 % Responsibility for them.

The Mind is the king, what you seek you bring. All that We wish to Do, Be and Have can be Ours If we Believe, ''We Can'''

Our Mission

Dr. Karishma Ahuja, Founder MasterMind Training is an renowned Law of Attraction Trainer, Hypnotherapist & Metaphysical Counselor in India with profound expertise in a Hawaiin Problem Solving technique called Ho’oponopono. “I help people Dream, Believe, Forgive and Achieve their goals with joy.”, says Dr. Karishma Ahuja. An Author, Master Trainer and Life coach, She specializes in teaching people about Universal Laws and the Power of the mind, thereby inspiring them to achieve Big and live Joyfully by pursuing qualities like self belief and forgiveness. 

A Phd in Philosophy with specialization in Metaphysical Counseling and Masters in Metaphysical Sciences, Dr. Karishma believes that the theoretical education of rote learning has actually played a very little role in practically handling our emotions, believing in ourselves, and even dreaming big. To overcome these challenges, Principles of Metaphysics, Ho’oponopono and The Law of attraction play a major part. 

​A weekly columnist with "The Hindustan" Sunday times, She has been interviewed and featured for her expertise in leading newspapers and portals like Midday, Afternoon DC, Hot Friday Talks, Tax Guru, Entrepreneurs India and

Dr. Ahuja  conducts courses, talks and seminars for Children, Educators, Parents, Businesses and Individuals  To get in touch, Please contact office on +917718933244

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