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Welcome to the Law of Attraction Train the Trainer Program

                                     by Dr. Karishma Ahuja 

This module is for Trainers. Facilitators, Coaches and Teachers or those aspiring to be one

It is possible to get what you want but getting what you want is a journey, and when you start helping others get what they want it becomes an even more fulfilling and beautiful journey, filled with love success and pleasant suprises!

For this reason, we have started the Trainer the Trainer module

- To help You as a Trainer to chalk out a clear roadmap for your clients to go after what they want,
- To achieve results at home and career, 
- To have good health and vitality to stay motivated
- To be able to live with ourselves and others with ease and joy by using Law of Attraction tools, high Vibration techniques and Metaphysical practices

Training is designed so as to enable you to walk the path as a Coach, so as to guide your Clients with the easiest and most effective ways to achieve results

Duration of The Law of Attraction Trainer Module
5 full days - Classroom Training
Timing: 930 am to 530 pm (includes Course Material, breakfast, lunch and  refreshments)

One session with Dr. Karishma Ahuja after the classroom training(* Duration of session will be one hour. This is to encourage the Trainee to seek any guidance, clear any doubts relating to practices they learnt during the training and to share feedback/experiences on the same)* Session could be in-person or over Skype/ Telephone. Session can be taken anytime in the next 6 months.

On Completion of 5 full days Training - A Trainer Certificate will be awarded to the Trainee

Special Features/Benefits

1. This Certificate by Dr Karishma Ahuja and MasterMind Training India authorizes the Trainee to conduct Training Programs on Law of Attraction and Vibration any where in the World

2. You will acquire In depth knowledge of the Law of Attraction and Vibration along with metaphysical and spiritual aspects of viewing, analysing, reviewing and solving a situation for yourself and your Clients

3. You will eligible to take workshops as well as equipped to counsel clients one on one basis

4. Course material/ Manual will be provided for you to refer to for all your trainings and detailed description of topics covered in your certification training will be included in manual for future reference 

5. With This Certification as a Trainer, You will be eligible to Certify other people on the same subject as well

6. The 5 days Classroom training includes training on how 

- You can design your own programs and seminars 
- Identify your own uniqueness and strengths, with tips on content development
- To Set up your own training business, 
- Market and Brand yourself as a Success Coach & Trainer
- Learn Proven strategies to reach out and Attract your Target Audience/Clients 

Contact our Coordinators on - 7718933244 for more information on the Train the Trainer Program Schedules for 2018