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We are so pleased to share with you, We are a one of a kind Institute dedicated to spreading the Knowledge and Application of Universal laws to the World. Keeping this objective in mind , we are happy to share, We are the first Mind Power Club & Personal development Company to offer you a MASTERMIND FAMILY MEMBERSHIP to keep you and your Family committed to practicing and living a Happy and Successful life bound by Universal and Spiritual Laws of Success.

We encourage you and your Family to spend your Weekends with us relaxing, learning, de-stressing, rejuvenating and Goal setting to take your life to the next level - to Be, Do and Have more of what You Want.

We want to be your Coach and Mentor and Guide you in  every step of your Journey!

What are the benefits of becoming a Member with MasterMind?

You will be entitled to attend MasterMind Workshops & Courses to keep yourself focused, recharged and Happy without any extra costs or charges for one Full Year.

You may attend any number of Workshops with no extra costs for venue or materials. Please note MasterMind organises a minimum of One Day Full workshop  every month. You will also be invited to attend talks, Lectures, half day sessions organised by MasterMind Training on a regular basis on different topics other than those covered in full day Workshops.

Incase You are unable to attend, Anybody can attend the training on behalf of You, the Member (this includes your spouse, children, parents or Sibling), * kindly note Membership entitles ONE person per workshop or Session

As a member, you are also entitled for 2 - Personal One to One Sessions with your Coach once every month, where you have.the opportunity to discuss specific issues or queries one on one with your Coach. Duration of the Session: 1 hour (Session can be in person or over Telephone/ Skype). Consultations are also provided over email.

You will be a part of our 'Meet up' groups. One meet up every 3 months will be organised for members to connect with each other and share their inspirational stories with each other. There will be no charge for the Meetups. MasterMind Trainers will be a part of the quarterly gatherings. Guest Speakers will be invited for the same for you to interact and benefit from them

 On signing up for the Membership, you will receive your Annual Membership badge with your name written on it, You will be required to carry the badge when you attend the workshops

How much do you have to pay for Your MasterMind Family Membership?

INR  70,000/- For Annual Membership         (inclusive of TAX) 

Following is a comprehensive list of Workshops offered by us
1.     Law of Attraction
2.     Advance Law of Attraction 
3.     Ho'oponopono 
4.     Advance Ho'oponopono 
5.     Metaphysics

6.     Find Your Flow to Perfect Health
7.     Healing Power of Forgiveness

8.     Gratitude Magic
9.     A Course in Miracles

10.   Find Your Purpose

11.   Parenting To Empower

12.   Money Consciousness

13.   Creative Visualization
14.   Chakra Balancing

15.   DNA therapy

16.   Hypnotherapy

17.   Inner Child therapy

*All the Workshop material is constantly updated for the benefit of participants.

For any Membership Queries, please feel free to Contact Seema on +917718933244

Wishing you Happy & Successful days ahead

Team MasterMind Training