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What does Ho’oponopono mean?
Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian word that means “to correct an error”, errors in your thoughts, words and feelings stored inside you as memories.

What is Ho’oponopono?
Ho’oponopono is a very ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving that helps us assume 100 % responsibility for our life and experiences so that our errors in our thoughts, words or actions be cleansed. The process is about gaining complete freedom from the past.

Everything that shows up in life is a memory, a program playing (an error) and it shows up in our life to give us an opportunity to let go, to clean, to delete. Ho’oponopono is the delete key on the keyboard of our computer
- Dr. Hew Len

Benefits of the Training
Ho’oponopono uses techniques to create a Powerful connection among the three parts of the Mind or Self: The Subconscious, Conscious, and Super conscious. Problems, be they spiritual, mental, physical, or material in reality are simply memories replaying in the subconscious mind. The beauty and simplicity of Ho'oponopono process is its ability to erase memories with love and replacing them with inspirations for perfect living.

This workshop includes Powerful Problem solving in different areas of ones life. These Cleaning tools helps us to break free from the past, live in the present and take the right action steps to solve our problems without physical stress and mental tension.

Training will cover how we can cut Aka cords and clean on erasing memories that will positively impact your:-

Wellness: -Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energies
              Relationships:: With Family, relatives and ancestors - past conditioning and memories
Finances - Money and Work energy

Course Fee: INR 4730 (includes Course material, breakfast, lunch & Certificate)
Venue: Hotel Suba Galaxy, N.S. Phadke Road, Near Hub town, Off Western Express Highway, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069

Please feel free to connect with our coordinators for queries if any

Coordinator Contacts for Registrations: 

SMS / WHATSAPP:  7718933244 / 9867313700

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Team MasterMind Training​



This Workshop is a combination of scientific and metaphysical aspects to connect you with what you truly and consciously want to create in your life!

In this Workshop you will learn:-

• To Implement the law of Attraction and Vibration in your life

• To Understand how to recognise your energy and raise your Vibration
• To Use your mind to improve your manifestations
• To Understand what’s really happening in your life and why it’s happening.
• To become self empowered and shift your perspective to create positive changes.
• About emotions, the Power of beliefs and exactly how they affect your life Relationships
• Techniques to clear programs/memories in the subconscious mind
• Powerful problem solving techniques to deal with major problems/crisis
• To raise your wealth consciousness to boost your Career and attract Prosperity.
• Exercise to develop intuitions to make right choices
• Easy & effective ways to Visualize
• Law of Attraction tools for Health

Course fee: Rs. 5000 (includes Course material, Certificate of Participation, Breakfast & lunch)

 For Registrations: SMS/ WhatsApp:  7718933244



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